Monday, October 17, 2011

The swapbox arrived!

This spring I organized a Tilda bag swap but there where not enough participants. So it became just a swap between Muriel and me. Because we were both a little busy we agreed to send the swap later and last Saturday the swapbox arrived. Muriel made me very happy with a very big shopperbag, a little Tilda partybag, a fq of very nice fabric, a ribbon and a YUM YUM cake called Pastis Landais (its made in the area of France where she lives). THANK YOU MURIEL!!! I love all things you send me. So here are some pics of it.

Isn't it all lovely! The little Tilda bag is so cute! .I love the fabric it's made off. Its a kind of coated fabric and Muriel filled it with a soft layer inbetween. Now have to find a project to use the lovely fq of fabric. Any suggestions?

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