Monday, October 17, 2011


I also want to share with you that on October 30th we will get a new member in our family. It will be a little kitten called Yara. She is half maine coon (mom) & half Europian short hair (dad). We hope she will turn out with half long hair. We choose her out of a nest with 7 kittens, two weeks ago, and she stole our heart. Hope all will go good when introduce her to our other cat called Sissel (14 years old). Just after summerholiday we had to put our other cat (Sissel's sister) to sleep and since then Sissel is crying like a baby. Especially at night. It drives us crazy. So now two weeks more of waiting for Yara to take her to our home. Seems to last forever when you are waiting. Last Saturday the owner send us a new picture of her. So here she is (6 weeks old):

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