Sunday, October 23, 2011

Creative daughters :-)

Today our two girls (8 and 10 years old) decided to be creative too. They decided to make a Tilda matroesjka doll. Just assisted them a little with working on the sewing machine and ironing the face on the doll and gave the advice how to fill them correctly. So I'm very proud to show you the result.
The one on the right is made by Lisa (1o) and the one on the left by Rosa (8).

Tilda horse

Last week I finished this Tilda horse that I made for my youngest daughter Rosa. She has
horse-riding lessons and adores horses so much. Of course I gave the Tilda horse the name of her favorite pony. Normally I would put some nice pieces of fabric on the horse as decoration but Rosa told me that it was pretty enough like this.

Monday, October 17, 2011


I also want to share with you that on October 30th we will get a new member in our family. It will be a little kitten called Yara. She is half maine coon (mom) & half Europian short hair (dad). We hope she will turn out with half long hair. We choose her out of a nest with 7 kittens, two weeks ago, and she stole our heart. Hope all will go good when introduce her to our other cat called Sissel (14 years old). Just after summerholiday we had to put our other cat (Sissel's sister) to sleep and since then Sissel is crying like a baby. Especially at night. It drives us crazy. So now two weeks more of waiting for Yara to take her to our home. Seems to last forever when you are waiting. Last Saturday the owner send us a new picture of her. So here she is (6 weeks old):

The swapbox arrived!

This spring I organized a Tilda bag swap but there where not enough participants. So it became just a swap between Muriel and me. Because we were both a little busy we agreed to send the swap later and last Saturday the swapbox arrived. Muriel made me very happy with a very big shopperbag, a little Tilda partybag, a fq of very nice fabric, a ribbon and a YUM YUM cake called Pastis Landais (its made in the area of France where she lives). THANK YOU MURIEL!!! I love all things you send me. So here are some pics of it.

Isn't it all lovely! The little Tilda bag is so cute! .I love the fabric it's made off. Its a kind of coated fabric and Muriel filled it with a soft layer inbetween. Now have to find a project to use the lovely fq of fabric. Any suggestions?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The showroom of Kikidoe

Yesterday I visited with my friend Margriet the showroom of the internetshop were I often buy my Tilda fabrics ( It was nice to meet Kiki the owner and she has a lovely showroom. Its decorated in pink and white and she sells so many nice things. Not only Tilda but also many other craft things and things from Clayre & Eef. We have spend almost 2,5 hour in her shop and ofcourse couldn't leave with empty hands. So have a look at what I bought.
I bought 6 new Tilda fabrics, Tilda labels and a Tilda card, Tilda ribbon, Tilda cut out sheets (2 are not on the picture), some little pearl hearts and two little charms with birds in a heart.
I felt like a kid in a candychop :-) For sure will go there more often.