Friday, April 20, 2012

New cabinet :-)

While searching on internet on the secondhand site I found this very nice old German cabinet. I immediatly felt in love with it and had to get it. My husband told me that it would have no use to make a offer on it cause he thought they would ask a very high price for it. But I couldn't resist to make a low offer and to our big suprise the same evening got a e-mail that just for € 25,- more it could be mine.
So last Monday I drove 115km to have a look at the cabinet. They said the cabinet was painted  very well but when I took a look the painting was very bad. I could see many drops in it, many hears, and little bobbles created by bad painting tools. But because the cabinet already stole my heart I took it home. I hoped that giving the cabinet a good scrup with sandpaper I would have a good base for a second paint layer. But even that wasn't possible. So yesterday I started to get the paint off with blowlamps. So far it is going very well. They even didn't use a primer. Just one layer of paint.
Here is the picture that they used on internet. Tomorrow show you a picture of how it looks now.
(I tryed to get the picture here but I copiet the pic from internet to Word and now can't place it here
:-(     ... so you will have to wait untill tomorrow)

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  1. I Maaike,
    Happy to read your health is better.Your last creations are wonderful. Can't stand for looking at your new cabinet.
    I managed to do a blog
    It's just a begining
    Muriel from France.