Sunday, January 29, 2012

Our lovely kitten Yara

I already told you that we had chosen a kitten in October and now she is living with us since the beginning of November :-)
She is so sweet but also behaving like a little toddler exploring everything and run like crazy through the house. She became friends with our other cat Sissel and they play together as long as Yara keeps the playing a little calm. So happy we took Yara into our home and into our hearts.

Swap with Muriel

I already showed you what beautiful swapparcel Muriel send me a few months ago but I didn't show you yet what I have send her. I send her this stitched painting, a angel and a tissueholder and some other goodies that I didn't put on picture.

Tilda paintings

When visiting Kikidoe in October my friend Margriet and I were inspired to make a kind of scraping paintings with Tilda paper. But after buying the lovely Tilda paper I got the idea to scan them and print them out on cotton. So I only used fabric for this paintings. I also made a little Tilda stitching on it. You can't see it on the pics but also used some sparkling glue to give some little accents on the roses and birds.

And like this is looks all together


This skate is also a Tilda design. I used lace and pearls and the blade I first painted white and then used sparkling silver glue on it. I also filled up the skate instead of leaving it flat.

My favourite angel!

Since I was introduced to Tilda I already fell in love with this Tilda winter angel and ordered the Tilda felt but didn't find the time to make her. But last September I finally started making her and I'm so proud of the result. On the bottom of the jacket and sleeves I used little pink sequins and embroidered a french knot on it with red wire. The buttons on the jacket are made of little pink pearls. Isn't she lovely!! She got the company of two reindeer which I already made for the Xmas of 2010.

Feeling not so fine

Hi to all of you. It's already been a long while since my last message but I have some health problems. Not long after my last message on my blog I started to have headaches every day and 1 or two days a week it's so bad that I have to stay in bed. I already got a ct-scan and mri scan and many bloodtests. Also got a lumbar puncture two weeks ago. Wow that was so painfull and after that got extra headache when sitting or standing so for that had to stay laying down for almost one week. At the moment waiting for the results of the puncture and the bloodtest. But good news is that I don't have a braintumor or other deviations in my head. Hope they will give me some new medication this week cause at moment it still isn't getting better and I'm so tired of it. Emotional I'm tired but also fysical. So know you know why I haven't been posting messages for a while. Also my creativity is not so big at the moment so last weeks didn't make anything. But there are a few things that I made before and didn't show you yet. I will show you them in my next messages.