Monday, June 18, 2012

How to make the syrop

Before you all will ask me for the recipe of the elderberryblossom syrop here it is :-)

I took 80 gr of blossom. This is after removing the large branches. Try to use only the very thin branches were the flowers are on. Put the blossom in a large bowl and add 1 sliced lemon (without the peel because of the chemicals or use biological ones). I also have put in one lime. Than at 1 litre of preboiled water that is cooled down to lukewarm. Leave this mixture for two days.

After two days filter the mixture through a towel. Let it boil and add one kilogram of sugar. Leave it boiling for few minutes untill all sugar is solved. Then pour it into bottles. You can also add some vanillesugar to it or half  a vanillestick or cinnamonstick while it is boiling.

I'm not sure how the taste will be cause this is my first try.

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