Sunday, September 25, 2011

A new start

I decided to make a brand new start with my blog and deleted all old messages. This makes it easier for me to start again. Like a fresh wind blowing through my mind. I also made a new start with my little blogshop. It feels so good. Soon will show you some new pictures of my Tilda creations and of the entery of the house were we were busy for a while re-decorating.

Maaike xx


  1. looking forward to joining you on this new beginning xxx
    I've deleted and started afresh before and agree it feels good

  2. Welcome back. looking forward to see your lovely makes!x

  3. its a much better idea than abandoning it and starting another blog... a friend of mine must have 5 or 6 different blogs that she has started and not kept up with...

    I look forward to embarking on your new journey with you... xx

  4. I'd like to follow you, your blog is inspiring. I just love Tilda dolls too. I'm from Brazil and I've just start my dolls,hehehe. Hope you start in a happier way. Wish you luck! kisses, Nana.

    This is my old blog that I'm going to do just the same, re-start.